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Welcome to Gamefield Labradors. 

We are a very small kennel located near Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand.  Established in 1995, we are dedicated to breeding sound labradors that excel in all the variety of occupations for which they are prized around the world.  Our idea of the perfect labrador is an all rounder - a dog who is a wonderful family companion, an excellent retriever in the field, who looks great in the show ring.  

Our Mission:  to breed great looking working labradors that add significant value to the lives of the individuals and families who own them.

Our Goal:  Long after Gamefield Labradors has ceased to be an active participant in the community that loves, promotes and protects this special breed of dog, we want the Gamefield kennel prefix to be showing up in the ancestry of the best all-round labradors on the planet.

Avokah Sascha Brown (imp Aust) 7 years old, Molesworth Station
26 Feb 1994 - 30 April 2008
(Aust Ch Avokah Rocky Road ex Stradbrook Hot Diggety

Our foundation bitch was Avokah Sascha Brown (imp Aust) bred by my mother, Merrilyn Walsh of Avokah Labradors.  At almost thirteen years old, Sascha still went berserk at the sound of the gun cabinet keys being picked up and the word "goose".  Richard usually packs up for his hunting trips the night before he leaves.  Sascha would sleep on top of his  hunting gear in case he left without her - which was sadly always the case in her last few years.  Sascha's grandson, Elmo, is now Richard's "significant other".

Sascha produced 26 beautiful puppies in three different litters.  Three of her offspring to Cambremer Thatcher (imp UK) were exported to Australia and all three achieved their Australian champion show titles.  Most of this particular litter have also performed very well in the field.  "Tua" is probably the most remarkable of this litter as a field dog - she fetched fish from rivers, was a great quail finder and duck retriever. She also scented deer for her Nelson owner.  There is a fabulous article written by Dr Hayes referencing Tua in the special edition of Fish & Game magazine published Autumn 2008.

We said goodbye to beautiful Avokah Sascha Brown (imp Aust) on 30 April 2008.  Sascha was fourteen years old. It is still too hard to think about it but I hope to write her a fitting memorial when I am up to it.

Jared and Sascha having a walk shortly before he said goodbye to her. Thank you to the wonderful staff of the Halifax Veterinary Clinic for their care of Sascha  from the time she was an eleven-week-old puppy newly imported from Australia through to when she was an elderly dame of 14 years. Thanks especially to Chris and Claire who were there for Sascha (and me) at the very end.

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Contact details for Gamefield Labradors :

Deleece Clarke
P O Box 324, Nelson, New Zealand 7040
27 Frost Road, Hira RD1, Nelson, New Zealand 7071
phone +64 (3) 5451799


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