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Interested in a Gamefield Puppy?

Juliette of Gamefield (now "Raven") looking up while Poppy and Holly find something more interesting on the pavement.
(Whelped 3 June 2008 - Gamefield Elendil ex Croftsway Ulrica of Gamefield)


Jazmine of Gamefield (now "Poppy") at eight weeks
(Whelped 3 June 2008 - Gamefield Elendil ex Croftsway Ulrica of Gamefield)

Jared reacts to a kiss from Elmo
Trying to get a good photo of Elmo and Rica together was an exercise in futility!

The lovely "Rica" - mother of J Litter puppies
This photo of Croftsway Ulrica
of Gamefield was taken in July 2008 when her puppies were 5 weeks old

Gamefield "I" Litter puppies at six weeks
(AM & CAN CH Timberline Big Ben at Fawnhaven ex Cornerstone Pg Amalia)

"E litter" Breakfast
(FIN CH Loresho Ozzie ex Gamefield Spring Song)

Gamefield's Favourite Puppies - Sabrina and Jared
Photo taken September 2006

Eliana Gwynne-Hussey (5 years) and "Georgia of Gamefield" (3 weeks) 
Photo taken 27 July 2004 - Steve Hussey 2004

Duchess (exp Hawaii) and Daydream ("Karla") of Gamefield at 8 weeks
 (after splashing in their water dish) 

Sascha with "B" Litter only a few days old
(NZ & AUST CH Image Maker of Veralea ex Avokah Sascha Brown)

Interested in a Gamefield Puppy?

Other helpful New Zealand websites I recommend you visit in your search for a quality NZKC registered labrador puppy.

We occasionally have puppies available for sale to approved homes.  The labradors we breed from have all had their hips and elbows x-rayed and hold current eye certificates.  We breed all three colours.  All our puppies go to their new families with a two-year limited health warranty/replacement guarantee against hereditary defects.

If you are seriously interested in a Gamefield puppy and would like to go on our waiting list please email us with some information about yourself including:

Please don't be offended at all the questions. It is vitally important to us to match puppies to the family and environment to which they will belong. Puppies that look virtually identical have different personalities. We identify our puppies from birth with coloured ribbons so we get to know them as individuals. By the time they are three weeks old we can already tell you something about each puppy.  The more information you can give us, the easier it will be to make sure you get the right puppy. 

Recommended Reading:

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by Clarice Rutherford, David H. Neil

Mother Knows Best : The Natural Way to Train Your Dog by Carol Lea Benjamin

Retriever Puppy Training : The Right Start for Hunting by Clarice Rutherford, Cherylon Loveland

The Art of Raising a Puppy by New Skete Monks

The New Dog Owner's Manual by Karen Hedberg - You can buy any of these books at Amazons if you can’t find them anywhere else.

Contact details for Gamefield Labradors :

Deleece Clarke
P O Box 324, Nelson, New Zealand 7040
27 Frost Road, Hira RD1, Nelson, New Zealand 7071
phone +64 (3) 5451799


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