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Gamefield Candlelight "Charlie" at 8 months (R.I.P.)
(NZ CH Strangways Ink Spot ex Gamefield Spring Song)

Charlie, much loved member of the Dean family in Rotorua, was hit by a car and killed  at 2 years of age in April 2001.  Charlie went for a fatal wander by himself on a dark and rainy night after a visitor left a gate open.  Thank you Charlie for enriching so many lives in your two short years - none of us who knew you will ever forget you.  You were to us all a gift from our Father in heaven who loves us and comforted us in our grief.

Gamefield Cherrywood "Cherry" (sister to Charlie above)
 (NZ CH Strangways Ink Spot  (imp AUST) ex Gamefield Spring Song)

Who says dogs don't like cats?
Gamefield Eliana ("Zara")
(Fin CH Loresho Ozzie ex Gamefield Spring Song)

Another cat-loving labrador from Gamefield - Gamefield Bandolier "Max" with Sam
(NZ & AUST CH Image Maker of Veralea ex Avokah Sascha Brown)
Photo courtesy of Greg Browning and family - Thank you


Daydream of Gamefield "Karla" at 6 months (Goldvrinelli "Rangi" behind)
(Roughfield Kissenger ex Avokah Sascha Brown)

Gamefield Spring Song "Cocoa" with Oliver
(Cambremer Thatcher (imp UK) ex Avokah Sascha Brown (imp Aust) born 5 September 1996)

Contact details for Gamefield Labradors :

Deleece Clarke
P O Box 324, Nelson, New Zealand 7040
27 Frost Road, Hira RD1, Nelson, New Zealand 7071
phone +64 (3) 545 1799


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